Thursday, May 10, 2012

You Can Only Follow Jesus, Cornel West

The last time Cornel West crossed my view was in August 2002, when I posted a comment after a reading an InstaPundit post regarding West’s landing a role in The Matrix Reloaded as Councillor West, a role which West reprised in The Matrix Revolutions.

In that August 2002 post, at my old and fast disappearing into cyberspace Blogger home, I wished West more success in the movies than he had achieved in the hip hop music industry with his album Sketches of my Culture, which is currently ranked number 263,479 on Amazon’s bestseller list, and is available new for $89.05 (3), as a collectible for $59.95 (1), or used for $12.84 (15), along with various other Cornel West albums.

Today, Cornel West crosses my view via a piece in the New York Magazine titled “I Want to Be Like Jesus”, written by one Lisa Miller.

In Miller’s piece, one can read that West indeed has uttered the phrase “I want to be like Jesus,” and that he also is returning to his former teaching position at Union Theological Seminary, at half his current Princeton University salary, but in large part Miller’s piece is a hodge podge, seven online pages worth, of quotes from West’s associates or acquaintances noting his strong and weak points, and reprimands for West’s leaving the Obama fold with proclamations such as this.

He called Obama “the black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs.” And then he said he wanted to “slap him,” as the article put it, “on the side of his head.”

Based on the title selected for Miller’s piece, “I Want to Be Like Jesus,” I thought there would be a more indepth treatment of the subject of West’s wanting to be like Jesus, and while Miller’s piece does provide a bit more information in regards to West’s wish, as I mentioned, the piece is mostly a hodge podge.

But back to the subject of West’s wishing to be like Jesus.  I’d just like to point out to Mr. West that it is impossible to be like Jesus, you can only follow Him to the best of your individual ability.

Link to West article via Arts & Letters Daily.

Posted by John Venlet on 05/10 at 09:20 AM
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