Sunday, December 30, 2012

“There will be no “winners””

Prediction of future events is quite difficult, and, quite often, incorrect.  With that in mind, I point you a piece penned by Bob Owens titled What you’ll see in the rebellion.

Americans’ best interests are best served by preventing a rebellion, but it is judicious to be prepared for rebellion, because those individuals currently holding the reins of power in America have only their interests and power in mind, and not Americans as a people.  Material preparation is important, but one must also be mentally and emotionally prepared.

Link to Owens piece via Doug M at Sondrakistan, via KaChing.

UPDATE (01.01.2013):  Three interesting posts to consider in relation to Bob Owens piece, linked above, at the blog Summer Patriot, Winter Soldier, which I was unfamiliar with until this morning, when I was pointed to it by Theo Spark’s Overnight News….

what will be the likely model of american insurrection, if “gun control” doesn’t “go well?”

the american insurrection .... where it will be fought ....

the american insurrection .... can the “elites” take refuge in “hiding” ....

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