Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Day After Thoughts

I’ve spent the past couple of hours roaming the wide world of the internet, soaking in the various viewpoints to Obama’s re-election.  Thoughts range from anger and disbelief, for those individuals tending to embrace Republican party ideals, to giddiness and chop licking for individuals tending to Democratic party ideals.

There’s plenty of blame being shoveled upon individuals for Obama’s win and Romney’s loss, most of which is being shoveled upon the voters, no matter which party’s candidate the voter spent their vote on.

Blame is also being cast upon non-voters, such as myself, and one of the most flagrantly odious and unhinged I’ve read comes from a post titled Well, the Republic had a good long run.

To all of those “Principalled” voters who stood by their “Principals”, thanks. When I have to live like an animal, I’ll remember that you did what you thought was right. And all you who suffered under the evil delusion that “Voting is immoral”, have fun in hell. I only hope I get there first so I can make up your bed. You won’t like it.

Of all the reasons I can consider as to why God would judge that I should go to hell, I hardly think that not voting makes the list.  It is a childish statement, such as I made when I was a ten year old child, and related in an older post I titled Go To Hell - Don’t Be To Certain.  I should think that if God judges I should reside in hell, it would be for reasons such as that I committed adultery in my past, or took God’s name in vain.  Fortuntately, God will make the decision if I will go to hell, not Og.

But, to today, the day after the re-election of Obama.  I woke up this morning, and I watched the sun rise once again, staining the sky a soft rose wine.  I enjoyed my coffee and cigar on the back porch, just as I always do.  When I walked my critter, I saw people driving to work, retreiving their morning papers, parents walking their kids to school, as if nothing had changed.  And in large part nothing has changed.  The world is going on.

Claire Wolfe has also considered the day after thoughts in a post titled Something there is that doesn’t love a government, and it’s worth reading what she has put down.

My happiness is not dependent on the state.  Don’t let yours be.

UPDATE: A more realistic punishment scenario for not voting.

Posted by John Venlet on 11/07 at 10:36 AM
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