Saturday, March 12, 2011

Taxing Absurdities - A Twofer

Over at Samizdata, Natalie Solent and Brian Micklethwait each have a post up.

Natalie’s post is titled A glimpse into the mind of a green politician, and Brian’s post is titled Cigarettes get more illegal and more toxic.  The subjects of their posts are almost, but not quite, divergent, though Natalie’s post regards fuel taxes and Brian’s regards “illegal” and “toxic” cigarettes.  Even though the subjects of their respective posts are almost, but not quite, divergent, they both contain a taxing absurdity which illustrate the convolutions politicians willingly undergo to justify their existence, and encumber the productive individual, and not just in the UK.

From Natalie’s post.

Caroline Lucas MP, Britain’s only, (or “first” as the Guardian puts it) Green Party MP, writes “Scrapping the fuel duty rise will hurt Britain economically”. In the article she says,

Some of the loudest voices are calling on the chancellor to scrap the planned fuel duty increase, due in April. But that essentially means using tax-payers’ money to fix a problem that we cannot control – the long-term upward trend in oil prices.

From Brian’s post.

The gradual but inexorable illegalisation of smoking is arriving at its end-game, as many bloggers of the sort I like have been complaining about, and no doubt as many bloggers of the sort I don’t like have been celebrating.

Here is what the Radio Times, describing a show done by Panorama last Monday (March 7th) entitled Smoking and the Bandits:

Criminal gangs are believed to be supplying half of all hand-rolled tobacco and in five cigarettes in the United Kingdom. ... their products are also up to 30 times more toxic than ordinary cigarettes…

But going back to that bit in the Radio Times, where I put “…” above, it also says this:

However, not only are the criminals depriving British taxpayers of £4 billion in revenue, ...

Do you see the absurdities?  If not, click on the links to Natalie and Brian’s posts for a more complete explanation.

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