Friday, January 11, 2013

Sunday Sermon Opportunities

After Sandy Hook, many ministers and pastors across the United States wrote sermons which incorporated the subject of Sandy Hook.  I have not read all of the sermons linked here, but I’ve read through a number of them, including Donald Sensing’s An Advent Sermon After Sandy Hook.

Of the sermons I’ve read, and I would wager most others I’ve not read, most incorporated some message of God’s presence in this world, in good times and bad, and that events such as Sandy Hook, in ways we most likely cannot understand, or have an exceptionally difficult time in understanding, have some meaning, or lesson, as a matter of faith.  And while this may be small comfort, or no comfort, to many individuals, I think these subject specific sermons do have a palliative effect in individuals’ minds.

The reason Sunday sermon opportunites are on my mind this morning is because of a recent Chuck Baldwin column.  I’ve criticized Chuck Baldwin in the past, but in his recent column, Revolution?, Baldwin had the following to say about Sunday sermons which I thought pertinent to today, while at the same time historically instructive to the founding of America and thus of some importance.

One more observation regarding The Battle of Lexington which opened America’s War for Independence: not only was attempted gun confiscation the match that ignited the war, it was the pastor of the Church of Lexington and members of his congregation who were the Minutemen of Lexington Green. That is another fact most historians conveniently leave out of the story.

If there is one element missing from today’s liberty fight, it is the lack of participation from America’s pastors. By and large they are MIA. How many pastors today are warning their congregations of the threat against their Second Amendment liberties? Every pastor in America, regardless of denomination, should have already started proclaiming “the spirit of resistance” (Thomas Jefferson) to their church congregations; they should already be extolling the Biblical mandate to resist tyranny; they should already be warning their congregations of Barack Obama and Dianne Feinstein’s plan to disarm them.

Let me ask my church-going readers: has your pastor said one word from the pulpit regarding the impending gun ban now being drafted? Has your pastor explained the Biblical principles of lawful resistance? Has your pastor exhorted his church congregation to not surrender their firearms and to do everything in their power to demand that your senators and legislators hold the line for the Second Amendment? And my next question is if your pastor has not done any of this, why are you still attending that church?

What are you hearing from your church pulpits?  One does not necessarily need to be hearing sermons of revolutionary war ministers, instructive though they are.  But I would think, if ministers are indeed preaching the Word of God rather than socialist/marxist utopian story telling, they would be preaching some of the ideas Baldwin articulates.

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