Saturday, April 07, 2012

Selected Epictetus Aphorisms

If you would be good, first believe that you are bad.

If you would live with tranquility and content, endeavor to have all who live with you good.  And you will have them good by instructing those who are willing and dismissing those who are unwilling [to be taught].  For with the fugitives will go wickedness and slavery, and with those who stay with you goodness and liberty will remain.

It is better, by yielding to truth, to conquer mere opinion, than, by yielding to opinion, to be defeated by truth.

It is bettter to live with one free man and be fearless and free than to be a slave in company with many.

Instead of herds of oxen, endeavor to assemble flocks of friends about your house.

As a goose is not alarmed by gaggling, nor a sheep by bleating, so neither be you terrified by the clamor of the senseless multitude.

Every place is safe to him who lives with justice.

No one is free who does not rule himself.

Think oftener of God than you breathe.

Choose to leave your children well instructed rather than rich, for the hopes of the learned are better than the riches of the ignorant.


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