Saturday, January 12, 2013

Scary Chicken Bunny


When my Beautiful Inconvenience arrived to live in our home, so did all manner of child related material.  Toys, diaper pails, safety plugs for outlets, a crib, specialized foods, etcetera, etcetera.  One item which also made it into our house, rather than going into storage, is pictured above and it is named in the title to this post.  Scary Chicken Bunny.

Scary Chicken Bunny was a gift to my granddaughter, Finlay, from her other grandparents who reside down Kentucky way.  Scary Chicken Bunny is a battery powered noisemaker, which, when you pinch its left armpit, as if you’re probing for an inflamed lymph node, begins to play an old annoying circus tune.  You can hear it almost halfway down the street.  If this was all that Scary Chicken Bunny was able to do, I doubt very much it would have acquired the name Scary Chicken Bunny in our household.  But Scary Chicken Bunny not only plays an old annoying circus tune, it waddles around, flaps its stunted wings, crows like a rooster on steroids, while its purple hat and bunny ears rise up and down, and its cheeks also flash.  While I find Scary Chicken Bunny annoyingly amusing, Finlay finds it appalling, and thus Scary Chicken Bunny has been assigned the role of sentinel of the stairs.

You see, Finlay is quite mobile, now, actually close to walking with purpose, being just a few weeks shy of her 1st birthday, and because she is very able to crawl her way up the stairs, we needed to do something to prevent her from ascending them, because as soon as she realized her capability to crawl her way up the stairs, she developed quite a fondness for doing so.  When I mentioned to the Lovely Melis and Finlay’s mom, Buster, that we’d either need to put a gate up, or break Finlay of her fondness for heading up the stairs with more disciplinary firmness, Buster thought for a minute or two and produced Scary Chicken Bunny instead.

Because Finlay is so appalled by Scary Chicken Bunny, it now silently stands as sentinel on the second stair of the steps leading upstairs, and Finlay gives Scary Chicken Bunny, and the stairs, wide birth, eyeing Scary Chicken Bunny suspiciously whenever she passes by, even in its silence.  If we note Finlay considering getting friendly with Scary Chicken Bunny, as he stands sentinel on the stairs, we simply pinch that left armpit lymph node and fire Scary Chicken Bunny’s various animations up, and refresh Fin’s sense of being appalled.

Scary Chicken Bunny makes for a fine sentinel of the stairs.  At least for now.

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