Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sacralization of the State via The Constitution

There was a time, when the state was not a sacred entity.  In fact, individuals knew that the state was not their friend, but in fact their enemy, and far from sacred.

This time has passed, and the state is now a sacred entity, rather than the individual, or in the collective, humanity, being sacred.

In these United States of America, the new god is the state, and the state’s sacralizing document is The Constitution of the United States.

Bill Buppert has addressed this subject, and make no mistake it is a contentious subject, in a straightforward and clear manner, and in far more indepth manner than I have in the past myself.

Bill’s thoughts on the Constitution are titled The Constitution: The God That Failed (To Liberate Us From Big Government) and bear your consideration.  At a minimum, take a look at Buppert’s chart comparing the Constitution versus the Articles of Confederation, which were the original organizing concept for liberty in America.

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