Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quote from Auberon Herbert

The State is created by the individuals. It is fashioned and re-fashioned by them at their own will and pleasure ... for their use and service, and when it does not satisfy their requirements, they pull it to pieces and reconstruct it. Men throughout their lives are included in many wholes…. Schools, colleges, clubs, associations, joint stock companies, co-operative companies, political parties, village or town organisations, and then lastly comes national organisation or the State; but in all these cases, the organisation is created by the individuals themselves…. [How] is it possible for any constructed and reconstructed things to be greater than those who construct it and reconstruct it? To indulge in any such imagination is to imitate the carver of idols, who, when with his own hands he has fashioned the log of wood, falls on his knees before it and calls it his god. (Free Life, July 1898)

Quote obtained from a Wendy McElroy piece titled Auberon Herbert by Wendy McElroy.

If you have the time, and desire liberty for all individuals, read Wendy’s entire essay regarding Herbert,  and then explore the Funadmentals of Voluntaryism.

UPDATE:  An animated video (4:05) which compliments the ideas of Herbert, posted by Perry de Havilland at Samizdata under the heading Asking people a very basic question….  The video is titled George Ought to Help.

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