Monday, June 15, 2009

Preschool Pedantics

Do you ever wonder how you were able to survive, to learn and develop self-reliance without preschool.? Millions of us did, though in today’s world the pedagogues lobbying for larger and larger portions to be ladeled out of the cannibal pot for “education” would have parents believe if their child does not attend preschool the child will be disadvantaged for the rest of their lives.

But what if preschool is simply a very early means of indoctrinating children into the era of dependence on the state, and into robot supporters of the doctrine of entitlement based on need, rather than on earning based on their individual productiveness?

Naomi Aldort addresses just this thought in response to a young mother’s question in regards to her daughter’s attending preschool.  The mother’s question.

Q: Our daughter is four and a very curious and social child. Even though we are planning to homeschool and I am at home with the baby (her brother), we signed her up for a wonderful small alternative preschool so she can have social experience and learning opportunity. They are very respectful and provide free play and group activities. After a short adjustment period in which she cried when I left, our daughter became comfortable and happy there. Yet, after Christmas break, she refused to go back and it has become a struggle every morning. I know she enjoys herself once she is at school but she doesn’t want to leave me. I don’t want to deprive her of a learning and social opportunity but I also want to listen to her choice. What would you suggest?

A portion of Naomi Aldort’s response.

Preschool is socially unnatural. By taking young children away from their source of power – mother – and putting them together in a group of similar ages (unable to help each other), we render them helpless. In this impossible and unnatural setting, they fail to socialize on their own and depend on adult control to be able to function and stay safe. Such experience teaches the child to see herself as socially failing and dependent on authority.

Preschool or Not?


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