Friday, December 31, 2010

Personal Responsibility Failure Assist

It’s New Year’s Eve, and individuals’ seduction by the coming New Year’s Day, which is actually just another day, will be celebrated by many to excess.  While I find nothing wrong with imbibing fine alcoholic libations to the point of exuding a fine glow and somewhat uninhibited interactions, and have done so on numerous celebrative occasions, I’ve only a couple times in my life exceeded my capacity for alcohol such that I needed to be protected from myself, or to be considered a danger to others.

I have a bit of a difficult time understanding why, exactly, individuals desire to drink to such an excess that they have no control over themselves, nor recollection of their actions while under the influence of too much alcohol, and because of this, I find assisting drunken fools in being drunken fools not as beneficial, but as a disservice.

Disservice case in point, this article.  8 high-tech ways to curb your New Year’s Eve drunkenness - Apps and mobile tricks to help keep you safe — from yourself

These suggested high-tech ways do not “curb” individuals’ drunkenness, but rather encourage drunkenness on a wholesale level, and are a personal responsibility failure assist.

Posted by John Venlet on 12/31 at 11:52 AM
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