Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oliver Stone(d)

For a man who was unable to “see” the evil of the Stalinist state of Cuba in 2004,

But I do maintain that if it were a Stalinist state … they certainly do a great job of concealing it.

and found it hilarious that Fidel Castro was counseling political prisoners while Stone recorded them as “actors” in a film,

Anne-Louise Bardach: Did it strike you as interesting that at one point in the scene with the prisoners, Castro turned to the prisoners’ defense lawyers, who just happened to be there, and he says, “I urge you to do your best to reduce the sentences”?

Oliver Stone: I love that. I thought that was hilarious. Those guys just popped up.

ALB: Is there a show-trial element here?

OS: Yeah. I thought that was funny, I did—the prosecutor and Fidel admonishing them, to make sure they worked hard. There was that paternalism. I mean “father knows best,” as opposed to totalitarianism. It’s paternalism, that’s what I meant. It’s a Latin thing.”

Stone all of a sudden can see with clarity.  Oliver Stone to RT: ‘US has become an Orwellian state’

Useful idiot.

Quotes taken from a 2004 Slate interview with Oliver Stone, which I previously mentioned here.

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