Thursday, March 17, 2011

New “ism,” New Blog, New Slogan, Same Old Thing

Here’s a new “ism” being recommended for consideration.  Nurelism.  The conjunction was formed in a post titled Put not your trust in governments, at the blog EU Referendum, which, though not new, as in brand spankin’ new, is new to me.  But back to the forming of that “nurelism” conjunction.  Here’s the background.

Self reliance, healthy scepticism, a good understanding of history, and a strong-dose of bloody-mindedness – are the essential survival traits in this world. We need a system – which we are now going to have to devise – which enables us to make government do what we want, and not the other way around.

Are we therefore talking about “realism” for our new “ism” – perhaps “newrealism” (one word)? Do we need to play with the word - such as turn it into “nurelism”?

“Nurelism’s” new slogan?

“ours, not yours”.

I would almost be willing to take “nurelism” under thoughtful consideration as having potential, because the traits suggested as essential, are, because of the slogan’s ring of truth, though it would require some editing because the word “ours” suggests “we,” and that “we” has been historically tyrannical over the years, but in the end “nurelism” would simply be a do over of the experiments conducted in government to date, which would just be the same old thing under a new name.

Posted by John Venlet on 03/17 at 06:29 PM
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