Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Income Inequality - You’ll Feel Right as Rain in 12 Years

I’m natuarally skeptical of statistical studies, especially sociological statistical studies, and the most recent one to which I must express my skepticism towards deals with income inequality.

The study, undertaken by one Hui Zheng, an assistant professor of sociology at of Ohio State University, alleges that, “clearly,” higher levels of income inequality lead to more deaths over a period of years, leading Zheng to proclaim that income inequality is a “public health concern,” and I should not have to tell you how quickly such a study will be latched onto by the societal tinkerers, i.e. your friendly neighborhood congressmen and senators, as justification for putting forth some new fangled income redistribution scheme(s).

But, if you’re inclined to accept the validity of such a study, and are concerned for your mortality because your income is not equal to some other individual’s income, never fear, income inequality’s influence on your chance of dying fade after 12 years.

Income Inequality Leads to More U.S. Deaths

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