Monday, April 30, 2012

I’m Here, But At Shep’s Bend

There’s a section of the South Branch of the Au Sable river which is known to certain anglers as Shep’s Bend.  Shep’s Bend received its moniker some years ago, in honor of Shep, who, after returning from the Korean war, set up a camp there as his home for a year or so.  The spot is about a 10 or 15 minute hike from the closest two track, and it is not visited regularly by most anglers as there are easier sections of the river to access.  There’s a seeping spring for fresh water close at hand, and, if you cast about, you can still locate Shep’s old firepit.  Shep passed away last year, but Shep’s Bend will remain for the angler willing to hike for a bit of seclusion and a chance at a nice trout.

I’m here, but at Shep’s Bend, still.


Posted by John Venlet on 04/30 at 09:20 AM
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