Monday, July 02, 2012

Gun Buyback Program Funds NRA Shooting Camp

I’ve mentioned, in the past, that I am not a fan of gun buyback programs as I think they create a false sense of security, but I do appreciate it when gun enthusiasts profit from gun buyback programs, as I previously mentioned here, and today I see that another group of gun enthusiasts has also benefited from Chicago’s recent gun buyback program.

A Downstate pro-gun group says it turned payouts from Chicago’s firearm buyback program last weekend into a fund-raiser for a youth summer camp — a National Rifle Association shooting camp, that is…

Sixty of the guns and several BB guns were turned in by the Champaign-based Guns Save Life. In return, the group received $6,240 in gift cards, said John Boch, president of the group…

Most of the money will go toward buying ammunition for an NRA youth camp in Bloomington. The rest will pay for four bolt-action rifles that will be given away to campers.

“This was rusty, non-firing junk that we turned in,” Boch said. “We are redirecting funds from people who would work against the private ownership of firearms to help introduce the next generation to shooting safely and responsibly.”

Well done.

Group turns tables on Chicago gun turn-in, uses money for gun camp

Via DougM at Sondrakistan.

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