Thursday, June 14, 2012

“Ending humanity with one last art project”

Excellent essay, written by Jason Kuznicki, posted at The League of ordinary gentlemen, under the title Inequality and Political Remedies.  From Jason’s essay.

Inequality talk also typically aims at moving further away from any existing aspect of laissez faire and toward greater government control. The appeal to pity is a means to an end.

And it is strange how so many assume that state intervention promises a decrease in inequality. In fact it always increases an inequality of a different kind — the inequality of political power.

As long as he was just a billionaire, Michael Bloomberg couldn’t stop synagogues from delivering bagels to homeless shelters. As mayor, he can. A billionaire can urge you to quit smoking, but a politician can ban it. And a billionaire can buy goods in the market, but a politician can confiscate them in broad daylight, with the full blessing of the law. (bold by ed.)

Definitely worth taking the time to read.

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