Monday, October 11, 2010

Continous Loop

I have not written, much, here lately.  It’s not that I do not see, or more accurately read about, the events spinning around us which normally would provoke a plethora of commentaries from myself, it’s just that even with my most recent extended absence somewhat abating, I find that returning to a daily contribution to these pages seems akin to slapping an old, scratched vinyl record, which I know will only play in a continuous loop, skrich, continous loop, skrich, continous loop, skrich, on a turntable in the misbegotten hope that now, somehow, the old scratched vinyl will play cleanly through.

The news stories we read, the admonitions to vote, the political soundbites from right, left and tea party dreamers, all play in that annoying, scratched record continuous loop.

Nothing will change in the upcoming elections, except the names of the individuals wielding the alleged political magic wands, irregardless of the promises mouthed, recorded and played in a continuous loop.  These political magic wands will still be waved over all Americans, spreading their deadly force collected magic dust here, instead of there, or there, instead of here, in response to the current loudest squawkings emanating from the flavor of the day collective.  American individuals are stuck in a continuous, collective loop of political tomfoolery, swallowing whole, with hardly a need for a spoonful of sugar, empty political promises, though they know the promises are void even as they dribble from political wannabe saviors’ mouths.

I’m tired of the continuous loop.  I want to hear something different, something real.

Posted by John Venlet on 10/11 at 10:12 AM
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