Word to the Wise

The blog American Mercenary, which is run by an active duty military individual, offers some advice in response to The Modern Militia Movement report.  The post is titled Mental Training.  The advice.

However, private citizens who are being spied upon by their own government probably should be forming the militias that the government is spying on them for belonging to…

If I were to start a militia, I wouldn’t start by stockpiling weapons and ammunition. After all all the people I would contact via face to face already have plenty of both. I would do my damndest to stay away from all electronic communications. A “platen code” is old school tech, but it works. If had to send electronic mail, there are options to encrypt your transmission, the purpose of this post isn’t to go into detail on secure cell communications, but it can be done, after all we haven’t caught Bin Laden yet…

Blending in, living as an upstanding citizen in your private life and electronic activities is probably the best way to avoid infiltration by government agents. Or at least from “Fusion Cells” looking to target “right wing extremists”.

Carry on.

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