Why Wait Until 2012? - The Ⓧ2012 Project

Thomas L. Knapp is launching The Ⓧ2012 Project.  I first noted Knapp’s project at Bill St. Clair’s blog, the other day, and I also was encouraged to post regarding The Ⓧ2012 Project via a comment from Concerned American, here, who also posted a link to Knapp’s project in a post at Western Rifle Shooters Association under the heading No.

The stated purpose of the project is summed up in these words.

...The only people whose motivations can be known are those who choose to publicly divulge those motivations. The purpose of The Ⓧ2012 Project is to settle the question of motivations by providing a platform for Ⓧ-voters to register their Ⓧ-plicit non-consent to be governed by the winners of the 2012 US elections.

Ⓧ2012 is, plain and simple, a boycott of those elections, and of rule by the winners of those elections. While I’m personally prepared to claim that the non-voting 57% of Americans are non-consenting rather than merely apathetic, I contend that the time has come for non-voters to forcefully combat the “apathy” claim by publicly identifying themselves as Ⓧ-voters. This site will be the Internet headquarters of a campaign to encourage that public self-identification.

While I think Knapp’s project has merit, and bears individuals’ thoughtful consideration, I ask, why wait until 2012?  The old adage is, there is no time like the present.

I’ve been saying “No” to voting since January 2004, and will continue to say no to voting.  And don’t think, even for a moment, that my or your not voting can be adjudged by the simplicity of a Steve Greenburg cartoon.

Though I desire that Knapp’s project be successful, realistically I think the proposed boycott of the 2012 elections will achieve results similar to the proposed “Skip the Census” - “A Civil Disobedience Idea”, which I fully supported and encourgaged in these pages.  And what were the results of the “Skip the Census” civil disobedience idea?  A dismally high 74% participation rate by mail alone.

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  1. Hi, John! Thanks for the plug!

    In answer to the question “why wait until 2012?”—

    Personally, I didn’t vote this time, either (first general election in 22 years that I hadn’t).

    And of course I know a lot of people are intentional non-voters from way back.

    The reason I keyed this project—web site, logo, press releases, what have you—to 2012 is that I didn’t decide to do it until October and there didn’t seem to be enough time to put it together for 2010.

    The point of the project isn’t really to get people not to vote, although I suppose that can be part of it.

    The fact is that the majority already don’t vote. There hasn’t been an election in decades, if ever, that wouldn’t have had a plurality for “None of the Above” if non-votes were given that weight.

    The point of the project is to get as many voters as possible to say “when I don’t vote, it isn’t apathy—it’s rejection.”

    I don’t know how successful it will be, but I figure it deserves two years, rather than one month, of buildup.

    Best regards,
    Tom Knapp

    Posted by Thomas L. Knapp  on  11/07  at  06:51 AM
  2. Tom, thanks for your comment.

    The point of the project is to get as many voters as possible to say “when I don’t vote, it isn’t apathy—it’s rejection.”

    I fully appreciate the point you’ve elucidated, Tom, and you may count on my assistance in spreading the message.

    Posted by John Venlet  on  11/07  at  08:56 AM






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