Wealth Beyond Compare

Joan of Argghh!, from a post titled Sail In The Light You Have.

There are no Black Friday specials in life; you have to lay hold of the good things as they come: a lazy afternoon, a fish on a line, a song that brings back memories, the real joys of family and moments with them. Those are the heirlooms of Life, the precious legacies that grace our grateful neck before its asked of us by some job, some duty, some obligation.

If you can see your way through the dimming light of Truth, find the door of Heaven and bust through it with the same festive desperation and thrill-seeking abandon. Why, there’s bargains like you can’t imagine, all you have to do is expect to find them.

Well said.

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  1. Thanks, John!

    Posted by Joan of Argghh!  on  11/28  at  08:35 PM






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