Warts, And All

A recently released study has determined that a compound in breast milk can effectively destroy warts, which may give the makers of Compound W cause for lament.  Interesting.  An uncle of mine, who has since left this world, swore that spitting on a wart, first thing in the morning, upon waking up, would accomplish the same thing.  I never tried the spitting thing, but my younger brother did, and it worked for him.

“Study: Breast milk kills skin warts.”

Via Google News.

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  1. John directed
    me to this New York Times article in which Specialist Jeremy C.
    Sivits discribes some goings on in Abu Ghraib on night. John suggests
    really thinking about the article before deciding

    Posted by http://www.lobowalk.com/index.php?id=P654  on  05/14  at  12:54 PM
  2. A soldering iron also does a helluva job on warts.  YMMV.

    Posted by Andy Stedman  on  06/24  at  09:29 AM
  3. Andy - That would work.  Another power tool trick, for a smashed fingernail which is full of blood.  Grab a highspeed drill, the smallest bit you have available, and drill into the fingernail to relieve the pressure.  Speaking from experience, it works, though you must have a steady hand.

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