USS Los Angeles (SSN688), A Cribbage Board, and Aging

I spent four and one-half years of my five years in the Navy on board the USS Los Angeles (SSN688).  It was a good boat.

An old LA bud of mine and I have recently re-connected, actually a few of us re-connected, it’d been a good number of years, and he sent me a link to a story about the USS Los Angeles, a cribbage board, and aging.

I played many a game of cribbage on board that boat, and still prize that one and same cribbage board utilized at sea, which stills sees action to this day, and typically can elicit a story or two about those days out of me.

Anyway, back to the cribbage board and aging.  The USS Los Angeles (SSN688) is now the oldest operational fleet submarine, and to honor this distinction, it is now the “guardian of the cribbage board,” and it’s not just any cribbage board.

The United States Navy is steeped in customs, courtesies and rituals. One of the U.S. submarine traditions that few, other than submariners, know about is the guardian of the cribbage board.

The nuclear-powered attack submarine, USS Los Angeles (SSN 688) departed its homeport of Pearl Harbor on May 7 for deployment. This time the submarine deployed with a cribbage board that belonged to Medal of Honor recipient and World War II prisoner of war Rear Adm. Richard H. “Dick” O’Kane. (link by ed.)

It does not necessarily seem that long ago that I stepped off that boat, ashore for good, and a civilian once again.  It was some time ago, though, and evidently that means I’m aging also.  But, as the LA’s current CO states,

“We have the newest technology on the oldest U.S. submarine,” said Burian. “I have complete confidence in my crew to get the job done.”

I also can state the same sentiment for myself.  I have the newest technology, at my oldest age to date, and I have complete confidence in my abililty to get the job done.

I’d go to sea on her, or any other U.S. submarine, in a minute.

Carry on.

USS Los Angeles Embarks With a Piece of Submarine History

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