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Atheism, or at least various atheists writing about atheism, has been receiving a fair amount of press, lately.  Hitchens, Dawkins and Harris have all contributed to this current pandemonium over a subject many religious individuals find offensive, or at least too heathenish a subject to discuss or even consider.

How will atheism be used in the future, at least in regards to the political playing field?  The Raving Atheist makes this prediction.

The “using” will become more apparent as the movement fragments. Although at present atheists are largely left-of-center, they will eventually come to inhabit all niches of the political spectrum. The competition among factions will lead to heated debates over the true implications and imperatives of godlessness—and suspicions will arise on all sides that some of those marching under the banner of an unsupervised temporal existence with no afterlife are actually pursuing some more nefarious agenda.

Above taken from a post titled Using It.

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