Understand Anarchy II

Anarchy is typically maligned by individuals when it is discussed, and I’m not just talking your everyday man on the street here.  Butler Shaffer, who teaches at the Southwestern University of Law, has penned a piece titled What is Anarchy that is a primer in understanding what anarchy actually means.  From Shaffer’s piece.

Because of the disingenuous manner in which this word has been employed, I endeavor to be as precise in my use of the term as possible. I employ the word “anarchy” not as a noun, but as a verb. I envision no utopian community, no “Galt’s Gulch” to which free men and women can repair. I prefer to think of anarchy as a way in which people deal with one another in a peaceful, cooperative manner; respectful of the inviolability of each other’s lives and property interests; resorting to contract and voluntary transactions rather than coercion and expropriation as a way of functioning in society.

Read, learn and apply even more diligently in your daily life.

Update:  I’ve previously linked to Anarchy: The American Way, written by Jim Shamlin.  It never hurts to read it again.

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