The Messiah’s First Two Miracles

Obama’s election to the office of President of the United States has resulted, allegedly, in two miracles already.  Miracle one, racsim has been miraculously erased from America.  Well, at least that is what one may tend to believe reading the sheer volume of self flagellating columns reporting on Obama’s election and what his election means.  But, unfortunately, it is doubtful that racism has been erased from America.  Case in point.  Wendy McElroy, in a post titled Thoughts on Obama, notes the following.

...I think there is significant risk of assassination, more significant than with any other President since Lincoln. (For this reason alone, I wish people would STOP comparing Obama to JFK.) No one in the media seems to be openly discussing the possibility of assassination, of course, and it may well be considered in poor taste for me to do so. The topic is so “officially” sensitive that when Hillary Clinton suggested in May that the assassination of Robert Kennedy was a good reason for her to stay in the race for the Democratic nomination, it was the one time she was forced to apologize to Obama. And Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing caused a furor in February when she bluntly stated ‘They will kill Obama if he becomes US president’.

“Unofficially”—that is, on the Internet—the possibility of assassination is being openly discussed. When I googled the terms ‘Obama’ and ‘assassination’ this evening, I returned 2,940,000 results including YouTubes of scary white-robed people. If Obama is assassinated, then I believe there will be outright racial warfare in America. I’ve never wanted a President to stay alive as much as I do right now.

Now, if there allegedly is a “significant risk of assassination,” at this early juncture in the Obama presidency, this risk, I think, would be due to Obama’s race.  Isn’t the world in love with Barack Obama?  Shouldn’t the risk of assassination been off the charts for George W. Bush, who, we are led to believe, the entire world hates?

The second miracle allegedly resulting from Obama’s election is that the entire world, supposedly, loves America once again.  Or as William J. Kole, AP’s Vienna bureau chief, titles his column noting this, Suddenly, it may be cool to be an American again.  Of course the entire world has a love/hate relationship with America.  Every country loves America when America is handing out all day suckers, and every country hates America when all that is left of the all day sucker is a stick.

So much for miracles.

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