The Enlightenment According to Steven Pinker

Brian Micklethwait has posted an excerpt from Steven Pinker’s book The Better Angels of our Nature.

While I am not in total agreement with Pinker’s conclusions, the excerpt from Pinker’s book, posted by Brian, I think, is a sound analysis of the rise of enlightenment thinking.  Brian’s post is titled Steven Pinker’s description of The Enlightenment.

Linked via Samizdata, where commenter JohnB astutely notes the following in response to Pinker’s view that Christianity is a fallacy and illusion.

Christianity, as in that which Jesus came for in the first place, is actually about the individual, not the collective.

Individual freedom and responsibility before God.

Morally, you are on your own.

I know it all got politicised very quickly. And so it always does, it seems.

Our ability to see beyond that which we perceive as our limitations is always at risk.

And when we do the temptation not to see the spiritual, as different from that which is simply there but more or less unseen, also seems to lead away from the truth.

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