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Mike Vanderboegh links to a Karl Denninger post titled TEA PARTY February 1st? wherein Denninger fleshes out a tea party protest idea which was floated in a discussion forum.

Therefore, on February 1st, which is more than enough time for Barack Obama to be seated in his chair in the West Wing, I am recommending an act of peaceful, lawful and yet unmistakable protest.

That is, to mail President Obama one teabag.  Nothing dangerous, nothing illegal - just one teabag.

Send one to your Congressman and one to each Senator.

Later, when the weather is a bit warmer and fountains are running water (rather than frozen!) this sort of protest can be repeated with LOOSE tea in select cities.

The tea party protest idea is not without merit, if enough fed up Americans could be made cognizant of the idea via various media sources, though I myself typically would not write letters to any congressman, let alone the POTUS, because I am fairly certain that any letter I may write would simply be ignored, as Neal’s letter to Congressman Herger was ignored.  Also, I have a great concern that the individuals who make up the congress of the United States, including the POTUS and his cabinet folks, have little respect for the historic symbolism of the original Boston Tea Party.

Let’s see if the idea gains any traction in more major media sources.

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  1. I too have written my congressman and have gotten one reply.  I was told of the greatness of this plan and how it was going to bring 37,000 jobs to my state.  With that I sent him another letter stating that was great but the jobs cost 217,000 a piece and thats no way to grow the economy.  Plus you have no responsibilty to assure these jobs go to Americans and not to the illegals.  I am happy to hear about others who are taking a stance against this new government movement.


    James M. Moore

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