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On July 9th I received, via the USPS, notification that my ex-wife was once again hoping to dip into my pockets.  I’d like to say that the notification surprised me, but unfortunately, she was only attempting to execute her stated goal.  A goal she set for herself when she accepted the fact that we were going to divorce.  The goal; to take me for everything I have.  A goal she verbalized not only to me, back in 1991, but to my Mother, prior to our divorce becoming final.

Normally, I do not allow such a communication to interfere with my daily activities, or life, but in this instance, the notification came at a time when I was just heading out of town in support of a newly undertaken business venture.  Thus I could not adequately address the matter at hand, or, show for the hearing, as the court date selected by her attorney, the 16th of July, was the day of travel for my return.

Since I do not use an attorney, and the courts close on the weekend, I had no recourse but to commence my business travel on the 12th of July, and miss the court hearing.  An action the court frowns on, and, as the defendant in the case, casts myself in a somewhat negative light.

The action of course proceeded without me, and I received notification of this on Monday, the 19th, when in my mailbox I was presented with a “Notice of Presentment of Order,” under “the 7 day rule.”  A “rule” I had no knowledge of, though I pretty much figured out that I had to respond quickly, and thoroughly, or fall victim to ignorance.

So with alacrity, I educated myself in the nuances the 7 day rule, rolled up my sleeves and went to work.  My first order of business was to file an “Objection to Presentment of Order,” which I did.  Unfortunately, when I went to the court to file the objection, I was notified that in addition to the objection, I needed to file a “Brief in Opposition to the Motion and Notice of Motion to Enforce Judgment of Divorce,” which had been filed against me orginally.  So back home I go, objection in my hand, and one day lost.

I vigorously attack the above mentioned brief, incorporating two exhibits, legalese rivaling that of a “real” lawyer,” and headback down to the courthouse on Wednesday, the 21st, and attempt to file my objection, and the accompanying brief, once again.

Unfortunately, and also fortunately, I was unable to file once again.  When I presented the objection and the “required” brief, this time, an engaging clerk informed my that though I had prepared the objection and brief correctly, I would also need to file a proposed order as an alternative to the proposed order filed by my ex-wife and her attorney under the 7 day rule.  Damn.  I only had two more days in which to file in order beat the 7 day rule deadline.  Time to scramble once again.

Thursday, the 22nd of July, was spent gathering the documentation I would require to prepare my own proposed order, and Thursday night was spent writing the proposed order.  My proposed order incorporates 9 exhibits, admonitions to the court to justly and fairly enforce the state of Michigan’s child support guidelines, and reminders to the court that a man should not have to accumulate debt in order to satisfy the call for monetary punishment of a man who divorced his previous wife to marry the “other woman.”

As I sit here, now, on Sunday, the 25th of July, a court date is set for August 13th, at my behest.  My objection is filed, my brief in opposition is filed, my proposed order is filed.  I have prepared myself to the best of my ability, and I am well satisfied. 

Now I wait, though I wonder if my ex-wife’s attorney can somehow manipulate the system to move that August 13th court date forward.  I do not know.  One thing I do know, though, I do look forward to sparring with the ex-wife’s attorney live and in person, before a supposedly fair judge.

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  1. I bloody hate to hear it, mate.  I only hope it goes well for you.

    Posted by Billy Beck  on  07/26  at  06:16 AM
  2. Glad you are in good health, even if your heart rate is elevated.  Hope it works out for you!  Hang in!


    Posted by Ally  on  07/26  at  07:39 PM






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