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Almost without exception, calls are being made throughout the conservative media and blogoshpere for the prosecution of NBC correspondent Dick Gregory for “brandishing” a 30 round AR-15 magazine clip on the teevee news, and the DC police are the case.

William A. Jacobsen, who runs the blog Legal Insurrection, has a post up which stresses The importance of prosecuting David Gregory if he violated D.C.’s gun law.

These statist conservative lemming calls for the prosecution of Gregory for having a 30 round AR-15 clip in his hand are as ridiculous as the “law” which allegedly prohibits an individual from owning a 30 round AR-15 clip in the jurisdiction in which the alleged “crime” took place.  Both the calls for prosecuting Gregory, and the “law” prohibiting ownership of a 30 round AR-15 clip, should be mocked unceasingly.

Link to Jacobsen’s piece via InstaPundit, whom also toes the statist line.

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  1. I forgot where I read it, but someone mentioned look how effective DC’s law is. Does any one thing gregory had that at home? No! When he wanted one he acquired one.  That simple.  That’s how useless laws are against those intent on breaking them.

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