Stand Alone

When individuals deal with one another on strictly an individual to individual basis, in most cases peaceful transactions result.  Yes, this is not true when an individual robs another individual, whether at gunpoint or via dishonest actions, but in the main, individual to individual transactions yield peaceful results.  It is only when individuals group up, and cast aside their individuality in favor of group think, that conflict occurs.

Writing, Butler Shaffer comments on this in a piece titled Identifying With the State which is well worth considering.  From Shaffer’s piece.

We have acted like country bumpkins at the state fair with the egg money who, having been fleeced by a bunch of carnival sharpies, look everywhere for someone to blame other than ourselves. We have been euchred out of our very lives because of our eagerness to believe that benefits can be enjoyed without incurring costs; that the freedom to control one’s life can be separated from the responsibilities for one’s actions; and that two plus two does not have to add up to four if a sizeable public opinion can be amassed against the proposition.

By identifying ourselves with any abstraction (such as the state) we give up the integrated life, the sense of wholeness that can be found only within each of us. While the state has manipulated, cajoled, and threatened us to identify ourselves with it, the responsibility for our acceding to its pressures lies within each of us. The statists have – as was their vicious purpose – simply taken over the territory we have abandoned.

Via Sunni and the Conspirators.

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