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A post at PJMedia allegedly illustrates The Decline and Fall of Western Culture in One Photo, by comparing a sculpture in the neo-classical style carved by Rupert Schmid in 1895 to a sculpture created by artist Viola Frey in 1965 (you can see the photo at the link), both of which are displayed at the The Oakland Museum.

While I am in agreement that Frey’s sculpture, which is stoneware, glazed and painted, is quite atrocious and indicative of a decline of artistic sense and aesthetic beauty, I’m curious if the Western world would be as inclined to think of ancient Roman sculptures as the heighth of artistic and aesthetic beauty if said ancient Roman art pieces had been re-discovered in their original painted state, as one can view in a Smithsonian piece published in July 2008 titled True Colors, which re-creates the ancient Roman sculptures as they allegedly originally appeared.

Link to PJMedia piece via Small Dead Animals.

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  1. In my state 1% of the budget for public buildings must be spent on art.  At first this almost sounds reasonable.  But the “art” is questionable at best and objectionable at worst.  There is a book waiting to be written showing this public “art” and maybe providing an explanation of how and why it was choosen.  I can only conlcude two possibilities to explain the lack of grace and beauty:  1. A payoff to an “artist” brother in law.  2. A hatred of art and beauty and the strong desire to stick it to the public as part of that hatred. 
    You may think I’m exaggerating the ugliness of the art but if anything I’m being too moderate in my description.

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