Romantic Polytheism or Vague Theism

Unitl today, I had never heard of Richard Rorty.  But, due to rather inclement weather on this Monday, I’ve had some additional time on my hands to read a bit more than I usually do. 

When I stopped by Marginal Revolution, I read a post by Tyler Cowen titled “A new religion of mankind?,” which, natuarally, caught my eye, so I read Tyler’s comments and clicked over to the piece on Rorty.

Rorty is attemtping to unite some of the divergent views of various philosophers, something I have a tendency to think about myself, and I found the piece quite interesting, though not without incorrect conclusions.

The piece is titled “How Richard Rorty Found Religion,” and was written by Jason Boffetti.

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  1. I’ve always thought of Rorty as something like Ellsworth Toohey from _The Fountainhead_.  This sentence made me think that way again:

    “He aspired to be ‘an intellectual and spiritual snob and a friend of humanity—A nerdy recluse and a fighter for justice.’”

    An Ellsworth Toohey if ever there was one.

    Posted by Jason Kuznicki  on  05/31  at  07:48 PM
  2. “Achieving Our Country—Leftist Thought In Twentieth Century America”Richard Rorty, 1999.  Don’t miss it.

    Posted by Billy Beck  on  05/31  at  11:26 PM






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