Richard Dawkins’ Flatulence

Upon news of the Pope’s resignation, Richard Dawkins, unwilling to concede his utter lack of understanding of a life of faith, tweeted the following.

I feel sorry for the Pope and all old Catholic priests. Imagine having a wasted life to look back on and no sex.

Francis J. Beckwith, Professor of Philosophy and Church-State Studies, and Resident Scholar in the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University addresses Dawkins’ dismissal of a life of faith in a concise essay titled Benedict, Dawkins, and the Fullness of Reason, and does so adroitly.  Beckwith ends his essay as follows.

But given his diminished understanding of reason, Dawkins must deny that even he can issue such judgments by means of his rational powers. Consequently, on Dawkins’ own account of reason, his verdict on the pope’s life is the cerebral equivalent of covert flatulence gone terribly wrong: not silent and not deadly.

Via Keith Burgess-Jackson.

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  1. Thank you very much for that.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  02/16  at  10:58 AM
  2. Perhaps somebody oughta tweet back at Dawkins and prick him with his own point: “How sad it will be when you die sir to know you lived your golden years stuck in the rut of sexual monagamy.”

    Posted by RKN  on  02/16  at  03:38 PM
  3. John, I am laughing out loud ... I shall check back tomorrow to assure myself that this is not martini induced. 
    A tweeting twit.
    PS, how’s that golden child (aka your adorable grand) doing?

    Posted by DeAnn  on  02/16  at  08:27 PM
  4. I sincerely doubt Dawkins would desire to debate Ratzinger in a public forum of any kind.

    I am not sure he would be willing to debste you or me, for that matter.

    He staked out an indefensible territory based on his unbelief, and he is proving to Himself he is incapable of defending his turf.

    Dawkins wiahes to defend his opinions, and being unable to do so, attempts at every opportunity to attack whatever link he perceives as weak - all the while, in his supposed genius, fails to realize he himself is the weakest link in his own thinking.

    God is most amused at His child, Richard. God is amused at me, too, but I get it, and repent of it.

    Richard does not.  Pray that his knowledge might lead him to admit God into his equations.  He could be an incredible force for good!

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  5. Dawkins:  “Imagine having a wasted life to look back on and no sex.”

    Funny, but natural selection doesn’t seem to be culling the 2.2 billion Christians or the 1.6 billion Muslims from the world.  Perhaps there is an evolutionary advantage to religion, and priest’s lives aren’t “wasted”.

    I tend to think that no one’s life is wasted.  You do what you want to do, and I don’t care what you do, unless you do unto me.

    Dawkins’ life railing against religionists could be characterized as being largely ineffectual, and hence wasted, but he keeps the debate alive and ongoing.

    The idea that survives another million years will be the winner.

    Posted by Mike Soja  on  02/17  at  02:42 AM






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