Remember the Meme - The Real American Revolution

Now that November 2 has passed, and a “new” selection of individuals have been granted the mantle of alleged representation of the people in Congress, selected individuals who mouthed promises of a return to limited government, fiscal and personal responsibility, and repeal of the State’s more onerous legislation, most we the people will now sit back with a wait and see attitude prior to passing judgement as to whether these newly selected alleged representatives of their interests words are reflected in their actions.

Undoubtedly, the Tea Party played a role in the events of this November 2, drawing American individuals’ eyes and minds back through America’s history to the original events of 1773 and the meme of liberty, freedom and revolution.  If the contemporary Tea Party can thanked for any contribution to our times, it should be thanked for resurrecting within Americans the idea upon which America was originally founded.

With the above in mind, I draw your attention to the following words of John Adams, in a letter to H. Niles penned in 1818.

But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations. While the king, and all in authority under him, were believed to govern in justice and mercy, according to the laws and constitution derived to them from the God of nature and transmitted to them by their ancestors, they thought themselves bound to pray for the king and queen and all the royal family, and all in authority under them, as ministers ordained of God for their good; but when they saw those powers renouncing all the principles of authority, and bent upon the destruction of all the securities of their lives, liberties, and properties, they thought it their duty to pray for the continental congress and all the thirteen State congresses, &c.

There might be, and there were others who thought less about religion and conscience, but had certain habitual sentiments of allegiance and loyalty derived from their education; but believing allegiance and protection to be reciprocal, when protection was withdrawn, they thought allegiance was dissolved.

Another alteration was common to all. The people of America had been educated in an habitual affection for England, as their mother country; and while they thought her a kind and tender parent, (erroneously enough, however, for she never was such a mother,) no affection could be more sincere. But when they found her a cruel beldam, willing like Lady Macbeth, to “dash their brains out,” it is no wonder if their filial affections ceased, and were changed into indignation and horror.

This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution. (bold by ed.)

Now that November 2 has passed, do not allow yourselves to fall into a somnolent state of mind regarding your liberty and freedom, a somnolence which will be induced by dronings, posturings and apologetics emanating from the mouths of the newly selected mixed with the voices of the old selecteds.

Remember the meme.  The real American Revolution is, as Adams states, “radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments and affections of the people.”  Fan the flames of the real American revolution.

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  1. Good one, and worth remembering. I hold no confidence in the new bunch, they’re going have to prove to me that they are true, freedom loving, Americans. Events, I fear, in the Coming Unpleasantness, will trump nearly all their efforts, but if they can salvage enough, we stand a small chance of continuing as a nation, albeit, much less powerful.

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  2. No better visual for a bedlam than Pelosi.  Good post and very accurate prediction of how these newly elected representatives will act.  Whether the Nevada election was rigged or not, the outcome will be used to attempt and marginalize TEA movement.  Delaware senate and NY gubernatorial races will be touted as testament of TEA party radicalism.  So these Republicans will talk of finding common ground and of compromise. Meanwhile attempts to erode free speech and our Constitution continue as if nothing has changed.  Erosion of education, religious, and financial institutions continues and will likely accelerate.

    Posted by Vinny  on  11/05  at  07:18 AM
  3. Sean and Vinny,

    Just doing my best to keep my eye on the ball.


    Posted by John Venlet  on  11/05  at  08:06 AM
  4. The problem I see,is how do we change the hearts and minds of all those beholding to the State?Way too many have already traded liberty for what they think is security (which is actually servitude),and outnumber those of us that value freedom and liberty.

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  5. John thanks for your insightful posts ! 

    Have read for a while, first comment.

    I will archive your post and send it on - the John Adams quote is very, very fitting to our situation.

    I think our nation is divided - not sure about percentage, into three camps:

    1) sheeple - prefer slavery, sloth & dependency.  Absent a miracle, incabable of being wakened to their state.

    2) wolves - some knowingly, some unknowingly, just love the power trip of things going their direction - some are in gov’t, some the occupy the corporate kleptocrocy - who profit from every new regulation & control upon ‘we the people’.

    3) lastly, the honest, sincere productive citizen - some of us are more involved in the struggle, some less consciously so, but all yearn for a more just existence - we are neither predator, nor prey. 

    The question before us all is:  ‘who is sovereign, ‘we the people’ or ‘the political class’ ?

    Can we (or Providence order it so…) convey the message to the first group can discern that the 2nd group cannot actually deliver the stolen goods, as group 3 have refused the bit & bridle, at last ?

    Time will tell. 

    When my Christian friends, less vigilant a type than I, expect that God (alone) shall see that right prevails.  I attempt to point out that I sure He shall, if those who Know Him, and all men of good conscience, will do their Duty. 

    Another John Adams wit:

    “Duty is ours; the results are Gods.”

    Keep up the great work on your blog…with you all the way,

    SA, Jr. 3%

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  6. Michael,

    The question you ask is the one that is seemingly insurmuontable, and I myself at times am dismayed by the seeming difficulty of that task.

    I took no pleasure from the results of the November 2 selections, with the exception of the fact that the idea of liberty appears to once again sparked in the minds of more individuals, rather than less.

    I, and you also, can only continuing fanning that spark of the idea of liberty, for from sparks, flames can be brought forth.

    Posted by John Venlet  on  11/05  at  03:55 PM
  7. SA, Jr.,

    My reply to Michael, posted here in comments, is somewhat applicable to your comment, at least in regards to conveying the message.

    When my Christian friends, less vigilant a type than I, expect that God (alone) shall see that right prevails.  I attempt to point out that I sure He shall, if those who Know Him, and all men of good conscience, will do their Duty.

    I, personally, think that the argument that “God (alone)” will ensure that right prevails borders on dangerous dogmatic fundamentalism.

    Though there is no biblical authority for the more fundamentalist Christians to cite in the statement “God helps those who help themselves,” the statement none-the-less conveys a lesson.

    Posted by John Venlet  on  11/05  at  04:14 PM

    The Dyer situation is getting to the stage of no hope.  The beast has taken Dyer’s Girlfriend’s child hostage in an attempt to coerce a guilty plea out of July4Patriot.  Anyone “found” guilty of child molestation… even after being railroaded, complying with a corrupt evil judge and then having that judge take your kid away… even after subjecting that poor kid to being abused and raped in the CPS system… even after all that, out on the net-a child molestation conviction is a child molestation conviction.  It is the mark of Cain in America and Sgt. Dyer will be done for.  Everything he spoke up for, our cause, will be discredited and drug through the media mud.  They will make an example out of him and tar baby us all-Patriots, Militia, Three Percenters, NRA Gun Owners, Tea Party(yes you too).

    The Oath Keepers will be done for as well-letting the man whose YouTube videos sparked that movement go to prison without so much as a dollar’s support.  That’s to be expected from the Rhodes Org. I suppose.

    And if you’ve been paying attention they will send Sgt. Dyer to the same prison where he testified against several of his co-workers for their abuses.  Hell they tried starving him when they had him incarcerated on those bogus weapons charges!

    If there isn’t more support-evidence,testimonials, protests, or something a bit more (legally) substantial, July4Patriot-Sgt. Charles Dyer-is done for.

    You can at least put in to the damn chip-in…

    J. Croft

    Posted by J. Croft  on  11/06  at  12:17 PM
  9. I have no reason to believe this election was any different than previous elections in that rather than choosing whom they prefer, the average votist chose the *lessor of 2 evils*, which is basically a blind choice or null-voting, according to whim.

    None the less, no one gets to choose someone to rule me, I won’t have it. Nor will I act that way to others. We now live in a world inhabited mainly by children, of all ages.

    Lead by example, that’s the best you can do.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  11/06  at  12:33 PM
  10. John:

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply. 

    It seems to me the burning question , “how will we change the hearts & minds of those who are beholden to the the State (in reality, base servitude)?”  is answered in John Adams reasoning.

    As you say, we take an active role in supplying “sparks” - but the x-factor is, will the wind (of which we have no control) blow the sparks into a flame & burn away the lies & falsehoods ?

    For if it remains calm, our sparks will die out, most likely.

    I like to think of it as a partnership effort, not all God, not all man, but both, working in harmony. 

    Isn’t that what John Adams was saying in both the pithy quote I added (“Duty is ours: the results are God’s”) -and in your longer citation of his ?

    In my reading of your Adams cite, our Colonial forebears were NOT trying to be self-conscious rebels to Truth - in their support of King & Mother England - they hoped they were in firm alignment with Truth. 

    It took a ‘long train of abuses’ for them to arrive at the conclusion that in order to serve Truth - (”..the Laws of Nature & of Nature’s God…”), that they must sever ties with the King & Mother England irrevocably.

    King George III had become ‘unfit to the the ruler of a Free People’. 

    Ever since the publication of Lex Rex (Latin for “The Law is King), in 1644, the colonists had been taught & operated from the perspective of ‘the King is subject to the same Law as common citizens’. 

    King George III had not come to agree with Lex Rex. He thought himself as above the Law.

    He still held to “Rex Lex” (The King IS the Law), but made the assumption that the Colonists hadn’t learned different.  Wrong assumption.

    Lex Rex, actual text:

    Today, doesn’t ‘the political class’ see itself in the same light ?  We keep trying to hold them to the limits of the Law, the Constitution.  They think like King George: Rex Lex ! We’re the Law !

    It’s nothing short of a total inversion of the most fundamental Truth undergirding the rule of Law, the essence of what was “new” about the rise of America.

    Even now, our officials take an OATH to a Law that is supposed to bind them - (however genuinely we believe it, and however cynically they abuse it) - that Oath is an echo of “Lex Rex” - that the Law is King.

    Or, “we are a nation of Laws, and not of men”, as we’ve heard said in our day.

    I think this is what trips up many Christians today - they simply look at any gov’t office and think it commands instant obedience - not stopping to ask, with gravity:

    Is the office being abused ?  What are the bounds of authority ? What defining authority do we appeal to ?  God ?  Men ?  Groups of Men ?

    To whom is accountability given ? Is it vested with the people or God ?  Is perhaps the answer, Both ?  But, in what order ? “

    [Samuel Rutherford, author of Lex Rex, asked 44 questions more probing than my simplified few above…(the text cite neatly lists them in order) ..the Founders cited Rutherford & John Locke repeatedly.]

    To clarify your comment , do you mean that most fundamentalists wouldn’t agree with “God helps those who help themselves” ?

    If so, you’re likely right - but maybe what one might mean, by that saying, is:

    God is likelier to aid men of action, then slothful men of inaction - I think that is true: dutiful men can expect the aid of heaven. 

    A ship at dock cannot be turned. 

    Action begets inspiration. 

    David had to challenge Goliath before he saw the victory - had David not acted, how could God have worked as he did ?

    Likewise, Britain. in the flesh could beat the Colonies like a drum - except if the Patriots had taken decisive action, owing to their devotion to the Truth, to God’s glory (cf: Patrick Henry’s Liberty or Death speech), was favored by heaven !

    IOW, “Right makes Might.”

    John, please forgive my ‘book length’ comment, but ‘these are the times which try men’s souls’ and there is so much for us to wrestle with on these vital matters. 

    Godspeed to you & our cause of Liberty,

    Samuel Adams, Jr.  III %

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  11/06  at  02:22 PM
  11. Re: Somnolescence.  Word. 

    In my RTC speech, I charged the listener to restore the chains to government and set a watch.  ESPECIALLY (underline that three times) when people you consider friends get into office.

    Posted by Alvie D. Zane  on  11/06  at  02:24 PM
  12. This was a good post John.

    Posted by mike  on  10/24  at  01:47 PM






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