Profiting from a Gun Buyback Program

I don’t think much of gun buyback programs, as I’ve said in the past, as I think they foster a false sense of security.

With that said, Chicago just ran a gun buyback program, and it was indeed a profitable venture, for handgun proponents.

I left the building in condition orange, watching for any thugs waiting to ambush anyone coming out. The suspicious character watching me carefully with my two bags of guns wasn’t there any longer. Got into the car across the street and was giddy with excitement. I had just sold $10 worth of scrap plus maybe a $50 5-shot .22 “affordable” wheel gun for $1000! It seemed too good to be true!

The story gets even better, so make sure you read the whole thing.

A BEST BUY in Chicagoland: Selling (s)crap metal at a gun turn in

Via Ian, over at Claire Wolfe’s blog, in a post he titled BEST GUN BUYBACK EVAR

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