Perhaps, David Sirota, You Should Assume the Role of A Responsible Parent

David Sirota is upset about Chick-fil-A’s children book The Jolly Barnyard, and while not throwing a temper tantrum, per se, about the alleged pernicious effects Chick-Fil-A’s book has on his child, and by extension all the children of the world, none-the-less he considers the book a “horror.”

As you read through Sirota’s rant against the “controversial” Chick-Fil-A book, titled Chick-fil-A’s latest horror, you learn that the book is in his house, though he doesn’t know why (a bit of parental fail), that his son loves the book, and this.

...I’m too much of a pushover to say “no.” I’m also thankful that he wants to read anything, so I go ahead and read it to him.

Perhaps David Sirota should assume the role of a responsible parent and learn to say no to his son rather than going off on rants against Chick-Fil-A, because if he cannot say no to his son now, while he is still just a child, I don’t hold out much hope for Sirota’s ability to say no to his son when he reaches his teenage years, and instead of being a pushover, Sirota will simply be bowled over.

Linked via The Corner.

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