Pentagon Was Once a Cannabis Field

I was aware that commercial hemp production previously was an honorable business, and that the United States government previously grew cannabis, still does actually, but I was not aware that the Pentagon sits on what was once the State’s prime cannabis growing grounds.

Dewey, a botanist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, wrote in detail about growing strains of hemp called Keijo, Chinamington and others on a tract of government land known as Arlington Farm, reports Manuel Roig-Franzia of the The Washington Post.

If the “Arlington” part of that name sounds familiar—as in Arlington National Cemetery—that’s because the acreage used to grow the hemp was handed over to the War Department in the 1940s for construction of the world’s largest office building: the Pentagon.

Here is the link to the Washington Post piece, the quote, above, was taken from this Toke of the Town piece.

Linked via Fred Lapides.

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