Ohio - We Are the State and You Will Do As We Say

Self reliance is seemingly an anathema to the state.  Oh sure, I hear politicians, both from the right and the left, mouthing platitudes to self reliance.  In fact, just yesterday afternoon, I overheard Senator Obama mouth just those platitudes on Oprah’s show as I stood in the kitchen peeling a few potatoes.

In actuality, though, the state desires nothing more than that each and every individual become beholden to the state for life and liberty.

A prime example of this follows.

Two northeast Ohio counties are being ordered by the state to try to boost the number of Amish receiving food stamps.

But, you say, don’t the Amish shun any government involvement in their lives?  Of course they do, but the state has spoken and the two Ohio counties, Geauga and Holmes, will kowtow to the state’s will in the following manner.

Geauga and Holmes counties plan to start advertising campaigns to encourage Amish to enroll in the subsidy program. Holmes may use a billboard to get the message out.

If I understand the Amish at all, the counties’ campaign will fail miserably, but even so it does not excuse the imbecility of the state’s position.

Officials To Try To Boost Number Of Amish Receiving Food Stamps

Via WSJ’s Best of the Web.

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