Obama Using Children as Human Shields

Reading this headline, W.H. Releases Letters from Little Kids Pleading for Gun Control, moments ago, I immediately thought of the craven individuals who will use children as human shields.  I see I am not the only one making this connection, and there is a connection.

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  1. Quite deliberate, and why not? For the children has been working consistently for over 30 years.

    Until those who have not swallowed the leftist kool aid quit falling for the same old dodge and get over their squeamishness at being accused of being against children and other such sophomoric rhetorical tricks, they will continue to employ them. For the children of course!

    What reason was left in our political class (and it has been precious little for some time now) has been tarred, feathered, and chased out of town in the name of failed leftist ideology, corruption, and moral cowardice.

    For example from an article on New Yorks ‘unconsidered’ new weapons bill,

    In addition to the bans on “assault weapons” and “large-capacity” magazines, there are other provisions that might have merited some additional thought. According to the Times, for example, the bill authorizes (and maybe requires) psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers to strip patients/clients of their Second Amendment rights:

      The most significant new element would require mental health professionals to report to local mental health officials when they believe that patients are likely to harm themselves or others. Law enforcement officials would then be authorized to confiscate any firearm owned by a dangerous patient; therapists would not be punished for a failure to report such patients if they acted “in good faith.”

    The new threshold for taking away someone’s guns is evidently lower than the threshold for committing him to a mental hospital (which would bar him from owning guns under federal law). In the name of protecting the public from unstable people with guns, the legislature has enacted a provision that seems likely to discourage gun owners from seeking mental health services.

    So this act, in addition to making thousands of law abiding citizens criminals, has opened up the Pandora’s box of outlawing your ‘intentions’ by looking at your so-called mental state, as determined by so-called mental health professionals. Gee, no problem there!

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