Oath Keepers and Freedom

The concern I have in regards to the path America is being forcefully dragged down are not unfounded.  The isms of socialism/progressivism/communism/fascism/statism, et al, infect America like an individual with cystic fibrosis, and it seems as if no amount of pounding on America’s back can dislodge the mucous of the isms previously mentioned, thus the imminent suffocation of America may be at hand, and my concern.

The Oath Keepers is one nascent organization, among others, that have vowed to come to the aid of, and prevent, the suffocating of America, and for Oath Keepers currently on active military duty, this vow does not come without risk.

Now, I, personally, am not a member of the Oath Keepers, for reasons which I alluded to here, but, I am supportive of their aims, and am in full agreement with the Oath Keepers’ Declaration of Orders We Will Not Obey, and if America goes into cardiac arrest from suffocation of freedom, I know where, and with whom, I will stand.

The Oath Keepers have not been much in the MSM, recently, but John Robb points to an interesting piece in Mother Jones titled Oath Keepers and the Age of Treason, with this comment.

The Oath Keepers finds it’s nearly impossible to build an organization.  The problem is that it is an open source insurgency, which resists organizational discipline.  Don’t even try.

Robb’s comment vaguely reflects the closing quote, written in 2003, from my post which I referenced and linked above, but let’s focus on a couple of quotes from the relatively fair Mother Jones piece.  First this.

But beyond the predictable stereotypes, “the reality is a lot of them are fairly intelligent, well-educated people who have complex worldviews that are thoroughly thought out,” says author David Neiwert, who has been following the patriot movement closely since the ‘90s

I fully agree with the above statement.  Most individuals that I am aware of, who express concern for America and freedom, are not just “fairly intelligent” but definitely intelligent.  They are fully cognizant of the unsustainability of the United States government’s economic manipulations and the negative, crushing effects this has on American individuals,  unlike the utopian, kool-aid drinking masses who have thought nothing through, much like those in power whose only thought is maintaining their grip on power over American individuals.

The second quote I want to draw your attention to is this.

I also met Lt. Commander Guy Cunningham, a retired Navy officer and Oath Keeper who in 1994 took it upon himself to survey personnel at the 29 Palms Marine Corps base about their willingness to accept domestic missions and serve with foreign troops. A quarter of the Marines he polled said that they would be willing to fire on Americans who refused to disarm in the face of a federal order—a finding routinely cited by militia and patriot groups worried about excessive government powers.

This should be of concern to all American individuals, as twenty-five percent (25%) of the Marines is a healthy number of troops willing to fire on Americans, and don’t kid yourself, there will be no asking questions, or dispersement options offered, prior to firing.

My oath is to maintain my personal freedom, but my oath is also for all Americans who desire to be free, because if I am not free, how can you be free?

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