No Longer Just a “Cool Tourist Story” but Real Time Prepping for Civil War

On May 10th, 2012, in a post I titled “Cool Tourist Story,” or Real Time Prepping for Civil War?, I linked to two stories, via Drudge, regarding recent military “training exercises” in the Miami area complete with military helicopters and explosions.

Evidently, this is going on once again, as a post at Blur-Brain titled Military Helicopters Buzz Downtown Miami Firing Machine Guns points out (post includes a news video with video footage shot by a private citizen which includes sounds of machine gun fire (I do not know if this is simulated firing but I would guess that it is)).

Another interesting thing to consider in regards to this, at least I find it interesting, is neither of the stories I originally linked in my May 10, 2012 post can be found at their original sources.  The first May 2012 story I linked, which was hosted at, was titled Media Characterizes Military Invasion of South Florida as “Cool Tourist Story.  This story now returns a 503 error.  And utilization of’s search feature returns a “403 Forbidden” error for a story of that title.

The second story I linked was hosted by The Miami Herald, and was titled Military training in the middle of Miami jolts residents out of bed.  This news story now returns a 404 Error, and utilization of The Miami Herald’s search feature returns zero news stories of that title.

What’s going on, here?  Are you prepared?

Link to Blur-Brain via American Digest.

UPDATE (01.28.2013)  Via Wizard, in comments, this is happening in Houston also.

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  1. Prepared? Always.

    I once went TDY in Germany surveying damage done to citizen property by american soldiers doing training exercises. Ever seen the results of an M60 tank doing donuts in a cornfield? Or what a convoy of 200 heavy military vehicles does to a 600 year old stone bridge? The US gov’t spends millions each year just on restitution for military damage in Germany each year, so take that times whatever to see the cost for all US military training worldwide. Interestingly enough there was very little training when I PCS’d back to Ft Campbell in late 1977. If the gov’t shuts down military installations around the globe I suppose there will be more stateside training. The horrors american soldiers have been delivering to places all over the planet, and are largely not known by average americans, are now being brought home to roost. Just sayin….

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  3. One more, from August 2012:

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