Move Over Freud and Jung

“Philosophical Counseling.”  There’s one I haven’t heard until today.  What is philosophical counseling?  Here’s what the article says it is all about.

“A controversial new talk therapy, philosophical counseling takes the premise that many of our problems stem from uncertainties about the meaning of life and from faulty logic.”

Lord knows that there are many individuals walking around with those problems, but will the solution to those problems come from talking it out with philosophers?  The philosophers think so, and one by the name of Lou Marinoff is in court fighting C.C.N.Y. for the right to practice on campus.

If philosophical counseling isn’t mainstream yet, it can’t be long until it will be, if the following happens.

“Ruben Diaz Jr., New York State assemblyman for the 85th District in the Southeast Bronx, said he believed so strongly that his constituents could use philosophical help that he is pursuing the only thing that can make it affordable: New York State certification of the profession, and the H.M.O. co-pays that certification makes possible. To that end, Diaz has written to the New York State commissioner of education, asking that certified philosophical counselors be recognized under a 2002 law that grants state licensing to marriage-and-family therapy and creative arts therapy.”

Via Arts & Letters Daily.

Update:  I wonder if the individuals below, will be working with the philosophers above.

“Talk Therapy Helpful for Hypochondriacs, Study Says.”

“A type of talk therapy can help hypochondriacs recognize their illnesses are only in their heads, a study said on Tuesday.”

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