Michigan - “A Liberal Failure”

I’ve lived in Michigan for a good number of years.  I haven’t always lived here, but I always seem to end up back in the state that boasts two peninsulas, those Great Lakes, and looks like a mitten.

Michigan, for too many years, has been over reliant on the auto industry, economically, and many Michigan employers have been, and still are, slaves to unions, especially the UAW.

Currently, Rich DeVos, son of the founder of Amway, is waging a campaign against the photogenic one, Jennifer Granholm, for the title of Governor, both desiring to play doctor to the state’s ills.

Rich Lowry, over at National Review, notes that Michigan is one sick state, calling it “a liberal failure,” and he is oh so correct.  Lowry has a piece posted titled The Sick Man of the Midwest which lists the symptoms which have dragged the State of Michigan to number 49 out of 50 for growth in its per capita gross state product.

The first paragraph of Lowry’s piece,

Liberals dissatisfied with the Bush economy have, through the wonders of federalism, an alternative. They can move to Michigan. The state represents a rough approximation of ideal liberal economic policy. It is heavily unionized, taxed, and regulated in a failed attempt to close its eyes to the dynamic forces of the market and globalization all around it.

Michigan is a liberal failure, but at least the flyfishing is good.

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