Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

The United States of America, was, in the not too distant past, a leader.  In the past, individuals and nations emulated the United States of America, envied America, or called on America to save its asses.  These days are possibly ending.

Barack Obama has nomitated an individual, Harold Koh, most recently the dean of Yale Law School, to be the chief Legal Advisor to the State Department, and Koh is an apologetic transnationalist, meaning Koh believes that the United States of America should abrogate its sovereignty to international institutions like the United Nations.

Koh would not be the only transnationalist individual in a seat of abusive power if his nomination is approved.  Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has also gone on record as a transnationalist kow towing indiviudal, willing to cite international law, over United States law, which is simply wrong.

Transnationalist individuals such Koh and Ginsburg provide Americans with a view into Obama’s mindset in regards to what he wants to shape America into, and Obama does not desire to shape America into a leader, but into a malleable blob.

America is not meant to follow, nor to get out of the way, it is meant to lead.

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