Lahaina’s Banyan Tree

In Lahaina, Maui, just outside the Pioneer Inn, is a lovely banyan tree, which was planted in 1873.  During my time in the submarine service, I spent more than a few moments underneath its canopy, as have many others over the years.

I have not been underneath that tree since 1984, so since I knew that RKN and his Happy Wife were going to be in Lahaina, I asked him to snap me a couple of pics of the tree, and RKN kindly obliged.  Thanks, RKN.

Here’s my print of Lahaina’s banyan tree, which I picked up in 1982, and which now hangs in my hallway, so I can enjoy it each day.


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  1. Banyan’s is cool, prolly the most unusual trees in the world.

    Here are a couple “not to be missed” links to a Banyan in my hometown of Fort Myers, FL at Thomas Edison’s estate, planted in 1925 as a gift from Harvey Firestone. Yes, THAT Firestone.

    Edison, Firestone and Henry Ford RAN that part of Florida in the early 20th century. It’s an amazing place to visit.

    Here is a link to a panorama from INSIDE the tree:

    Here is some more info about it:

    And Edison’s and Ford’s estates:

    That ought to blow a big hole in the middle of your day. LOL

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  2. Well, Don, you were right that hitting all those links and looking around could blow a big hole in your day.

    That Fort Myers banyan tree appears to also be a nice tree to wander around under.  Thanks for pointing me to it.

    Posted by John Venlet  on  02/12  at  09:13 AM






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