It’s Not a Tragedy, It’s Performance Art

Brian Micklethwait, in a post at Samizdata, notes a fire destroyed a warehouse where art pieces are temporarily stored as they move from art house to art house, or fall out of veiwing favor.  Reading the article linked above, it sounds as if many of the pieces may be modern.  I think that means they would be easy to replicate.  I enjoyed this comment from Brian’s post, where, in a true art critic’s voice, he expresses, no, not dismay, but vision.

“No no no. This was not “devastating”. This was an art happening. These people need to dispense with their outdated ways of seeing so-called “reality” and instead look at the world in a new way. This fire did not destroy, it merely moved some objects from one state of being to another … We need to think beyond “specific pieces” to the totality of life ...”

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