It Wasn’t Motivation, It Was an Ultimatum

California, the state of utopian visions of socialist equality, which basically means you’re all broke and reliant on the state, and which is a poster child as to what happens when a state is marketed by the professional jobholders as a savior to all, is so over extended in indebtedness to their socialist vision the state is even considering totally cutting welfare.  Yawn.  It’ll never happen.

In the Sacramento Bee article noting this, Budget plan could doom CalWORKS aid to families, children, there is a quote from a woman, Roxanne Morales, lamenting the possibilty of cutting the CalWORKS program, which is as follows.

“I had my first child at 16,” she said. “I had never had a job before. I had no clue. But they pushed me, and I am ever so glad they did.”

The state, according to Morales, “pushed” her, in a motivational sense, into getting a job.  But Morales did not get a job because the State of California motivationally “pushed” her into getting a job, as the linked article clarifies.

When she learned more than a decade ago that the rules for welfare were changing and she would have to get a job or go to school to retain her benefits, Morales panicked.

“I am ever so glad” that Ms. Morales is employed and productive, now, also, but let’s not pretend that Ms. Morales pursued employment because the State of California encouraged or mentored her into obtaining employment as a way to improve her lot in life.  Ms. Morales, “panicked,” and was “pushed” into obtaining employment only because if she did not, her free ride was over.

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