I Took A Walk

So, last night, the President gave his annual SOTU banality.  I took a walk instead, figuring I could readily conjure up what was spoken during said speech by actively using my imagination and adding a liberal dose of socialism disguised as altruism.  Simple words sprinkled on the masses, like the Pope offering a blessing in St. Peter’s Square, after which the faithful remove to their abodes to ponder the gravitas of what was uttered, and to count the future pennies, not yet stolen, the great master has promised them from the pockets of others.

Here, then, is a rebuttal to the SOTU, not by some namby pamby Democrat/Socialist, but, by an individual who understands what it means to be an American.  Jonathon Wilde of Catallarchy.

Update:  If you are looking for a condensed version of the SOTU, Nick Gillespie, over at Hit & Run, has condensed versions for both Republisocialists and Demosocialists, including rebuttals.

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