F*cking IRS

My ex-wife has been sending my sons to private, parochial schools since kindergarten.  Of course that’s relatively easy for her to do since I have to pay 70 percent of this cost, on top of child support.  Ouch.  It runs me between five and six grand per year.  Can I get a deduction for this?  No.

Well, how come the f*cking Church of Scientology can?

“A trial is to begin here on Wednesday morning to determine whether a Jewish couple can deduct the cost of religious education for their five children, a tax benefit they say the federal government has granted to members of just one religion, the Church of Scientology.

The potential ramifications are huge, for a ruling in favor of the couple could affect the millions of Americans who send their children to religious schools of all types. At stake is whether people of all religions can deduct the cost of religious education as a charitable gift, as Scientologists are allowed to do under an officially secret 1993 agreement with the Internal Revenue Service.”

Why was the IRS keeping it a secret?

Via Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution.

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